Flush Metal Toe Taps For Leather Sole Dress Shoes

Install these flush metal toe-taps as a protector for leather sole dress shoes to extend their life preventing premature toe wear and resoling.

Flush Metal Toe Taps Detail

Buy the same high-quality Lulu flush metal toe taps used by many renowned bespoke and benchmade shoemakers from around the world. From the United Kingdom's John Lobb to Japan's Yohei Fukuda and more.

  • Greatly extends the life of your dress shoe's leather sole between resolings
  • Inaudible when installed sunken in or indented into the leather sole and flush with the sole's edges
  • Compatible with most handwelted, goodyear welted, and blake-rapid constructed shoes with leather soles
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes from Small to XXL (see photos for exact dimensions)
  • Includes required brass slotted screws for installation
  • Made in France

Sold in pairs. Professional cobbler installation highly recommended. Also known as French tip or toe taps.
Metal toe tap installation should be done flush, sunken, or indented into the sole.

Photos for reference done by bespoke shoemakers Yohei Fukuda and Hiro Yanagimachi.

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Sold in pairs.

Flush Metal Toe Taps Sizing

Available in a variety of sizes that will fit nearly all shoe sizes. Reference the chart and photos for dimensions.

Size Dimensions (width x length in MM) Thickness Holes/Screws Per Tap
Small 47mm x 16mm 1.5mm 4
Medium 52mm x 17mm 1.5mm 5
Large 56.5mm x 18mm 1.5mm 5
XL 62.5mm x 19mm 1.5mm 5
XXL 66.75mm x 20mm 1.5mm 5