Kent Wang Beechwood Shoe Trees Review

Kent Wang Beechwood Shoe Tree Review

Shoe trees are a must have shoe care item that anyone with leather shoes should have at the ready. Today I take a closer look and review Kent Wang's European beechwood shoe tree. Read on to learn if it's a tree that makes it on my recommendation list.



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What is an oxford shoe and why not all dress shoes are oxfords

The term oxfords to describe shoes is misused quite frequently, especially in the US where I hear people calling any dress shoe an oxford. Learn exactly what makes an oxford shoe in this article and why not all dress shoes are oxfords.



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Different types of toe taps

Flush Rubber Toe Taps, Properly Done

Toe taps on dress shoes are at times a necessity depending on the way you walk and the quality of the leather sole on your shoe. I've needed toe taps on all of my shoes except for one pair which has held up really well. There are many ways to install toe taps, unfortunately, the majority of cobblers don't do them properly. Read on to learn more about the common installation methods and the proper way toe taps should be installed.



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Carlos Santos Shoes Field Boot Review

The highly anticipated Carlos Santos Field Boot has arrived in two makeups: oak calf/brown grain shaft and brown grain/mink suede shaft. Let's dive in to find out if this "Calway" boot is a worthy reproduction of Edward Green's iconic Galway, but on a budget. Read more for my in-depth review, thoughts, and photos.


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