Loake Shoes Review – Kempton Suede Chukka 1880 Line

Loake has been long been a staple of fine British shoemaking, but has been relatively difficult to get in the United States with the lack of domestic retailers carrying the brand. But that has changed this past year with a new North American distributor in place with several new retailers both online and brick-and-mortar carrying Loake shoes. With the quality of Allen Edmonds declining, will Loake become the new go-to entry level dress shoe in the United States? Read on to learn my thoughts of their 1880 line Kempton suede chukka boot.

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Personal For Sale: Carmina Brown Grain Plain-toe Bluchers UK 7.5 boots $350

Personal pair for sale. Carmina brown grain plain toe bluchers (style 531) brand new UK 7.5, $350 shipped CONUS.

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Top 9 Picks for Labor Day Shoe Sales 2017

Lab day sales are here. Check out my top 9 picks with shoes up to 70% off!

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Carlos Santos Field Boot

SOLD! Personal FS: Carlos Santos Field Boots UK 7.5 boots $335

Personal pair for sale. Carlos Santos field boots in brown grain upper and mink suede shaft. Brand new UK 7.5, $350 shipped CONUS.

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PSA: My Top 9 Picks for Memorial Day Shoe Sales 2017

Memorial day sales are here. Check out my top 9 picks with shoes up to 72% off!

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PSA: Deal Alert Carmina and AE at Massdrop

A few shoe deals from Massdrop were launched last week and are available for a limited time. My pick out of these would be the Carmina deal, more of a steal actually if you ask me! Don't miss out, read on to learn more.

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PSA: Deal Alert at Brooks Brothers

I got an email from Brooks Brothers with an offer of an additional 25% off sale on clearance items. While it doesn't sound that great, they have dropped the prices on several pairs of shoes making them pretty good deals. Read more to see my top picks from the sale and link to the full clearance shoe section.

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carlos santos 316 last

Carlos Santos 316 Last – A Closer Look

In this post, I take a closer look at the Carlos Santos 316 last as the second post of my shoe and last measurement series. It's an elongated almond shaped toe last, that fits on the roomy side. Should you take your normal size? Read on to learn more.

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enzo bonafe lasts

Enzo Bonafe Lasts – 804 vs 363MOD Visual Comparison in HD

Enzo Bonafé shoes have grown in popularity in the last several years, but it can still be tough to nail down the right size considering they're mainly only available online. So I've put together an in-depth visual comparison of two of their popular lasts, the 804 and 363MOD to help assist in your size selection. Read more to see all the photo comparisons in HD.

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