Enzo Bonafe Cap Toe Oxford 804 Last

Enzo Bonafe Classic Black Cap-Toe Oxfords For A Wedding

This classic black cap-toe oxford from Enzo Bonafé is an appropriate choice for attending any wedding. Its minimalism is further enhanced by the hidden or reversed seams. A subtle feature that makes all the difference, the seams are stitched inside out and then folded over resulting in the stitches being concealed. You might be able to notice the slim waist on the shoes as well, with welt being slimmed down and cut very close towards the middle of the shoes. This is achieved by using a blake stitch at the waist of the shoe, enabling the sole to be slightly beveled and cut super close to the upper.This is another detail that adds to the sleekness and minimalism of the shoe.

The Suit, Shirt and Tie

The suit is from Suit Supply in their Napoli fit featuring Vitale Barberis Canonico super 120’s wool. The tie is made by hand in a three-fold construction by Brioni, a nice shade of teal green fitting for a wedding on St. Patrick’s Day. Under it all sits a very light blue shirt from Kamakura Shirts, Japan who makes a great shirt for those with a slim build like myself. If you find most shirts fit you like a tent, definitely give them a look.


Hidden from sight are a few other details worth mentioning. There are silk suspenders from The Tie Bar, a great choice for suspenders on the cheap. On the left wrist we have another budget piece, this time a simple and elegant watch from maker Edox Swiss Watches which features a black faux croc leather strap.

Summary: Combining Pieces of Different Price Ranges

This outfit is a great example of combining some mid-range priced pieces with more budget friendly accessories to keep the total amount spent down to a reasonable cost. Of course, the major items (particularly the shoes) aren’t places where you would want to cheap out on!