Carlos Santos 316 Last

Today I'm taking a closer look at the Carlos Santos 316 last. I wrote an initial review of their Field Boot in the 316 last about a month and a half ago. Now that I've put 22.3 miles on the odometer (yes I keep track!) I have an even better understanding of the fit and confirmation with the measurements I'll be sharing today. This is part of a last/shoe measurement series of posts I'm doing to compare all the pairs I currently own. The goal is being able to more objectively compare lasts from different manufacturers, and a post that consolidates all the information later down the road. Although there is good information out there that the community and individuals have voiced, a lot of it really depends on the shape of that individual's feet. So the recommendation may work for some, but not all. While I will share how the shoe feels on my feet, I'm much more focused on providing consistent measurements from the same top-down view for more accurate length and width dimensions.

Before we dive in, here is the setup I'm using which will stay the same with all the posts in this series.
- Camera: Canon T2i (1.6x sensor crop factor)
- Lens: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM (non-L)
- Results in a 160mm effective focal length
- Photos shot at f/4.0
- Distance to subject ~ 7 feet
- Shoe size 7.5 UK (8.5D US)

First, we take an overall look at the shoe and last on the grid. The Carlos Santos 316 last can be described as a slightly elongated almond toe shape.  For reference, it's just about as long as the Enzo Bonafé 804 last.

The instep is about average, unfortunately, I haven't found a good way to dial in and measure instep height, so it's just an estimate at this point.

Length and width wise it did seem to be more on the roomy size. The 316 last easily accommodates my thicker wool socks. In fact, I get a much better fit with thicker socks compared to normal thickness dress socks. So I've mainly been wearing these with thicker socks. With regular socks, I find myself lacing them up quite a bit tighter.

Click the image above for the full-resolution version of the photo, which you could print out in actual size to know exactly the size of 7.5UK in person.

My initial impressions were confirmed. The Carlos Santos 316 last is, in fact, a roomier fitting last.

We take a look at the same photo on the grid but with measurements included in millimeters. Keep in mind that these are sized UK 7.5 (US 8.5D equivalent ). Compared to my first last measurement post, which included Enzo Bonafé 804 and 363MOD lasts, the Carlos Santos 316 is just about as long as the 804 but wider than both EB's lasts that I own.

I'm now thinking I would be better served by sizing down half to a UK7/US8. I may not be able to wear thicker socks by doing this, but I think the fit would have improved. I do plan on keeping the boots though as the fit isn't so bad to the point where they aren't comfortably wearable. Also, the creasing along the vamp is still placed correctly and I experience no real discomfort.

So there is my closer look at the Carlos Santos 316 last, I think if you are between sizes, it may be better size down half. I hope this information helps you select the right size if you decide to purchase a Carlos Santos 316 lasted shoe or boot.

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